Awnica Browne

Photographer Awnica Browne

Flix Photography, is a boutique photography company, specializing in fashion and portraits. Awnica Browne, opened her business in 2003 and has become a well respected photographer amongst the Hollywood, CA photography community and  has photographed for companies such as modeling agencies, record labels, clothing brands and graphic art studios.

Awnica Browne is commonly known amongst her friends to be the thoughtful, diplomatic, easy-going, competitive, charismatic one. But when she’s strapped with her camera, she becomes Master Creator of Flix Photography.  

Awnica took to photography while in her junior year of high school and has been creating beautiful art, using natural and artificial lighting in a dramatic style ever since. With over fifteen years in business, she found her niche photographing beauty and fashion editorial stories. Awnica, is a collaborative sprit with many ideas to bring to the creative table. Working with her is a collaborative process. The best way to work is to have a clear vision. Lets work together to tell your visual story. Creativity is not just a button you can just turn on and off, but when you work as a think tank and come up with ideas to expand the the vision it can be magical and the end result is a beautiful story. At Flix Photography we tell our visual stories with stills with motion, coming soon.

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